Before 2018 is gone…

Looking back on my site, I see that I am indeed jotting down words once a year. Looks like I almost missed 2018!! ūüėĮ

This will NOT be a resolution, but I will be reminding myself to “work out” this old brain of mine by composing notes, short stories, complaints, etc. on my site. Time to be in control of something…


… and now, the year is 2017!


I remember I have this “home” for words and thoughts, but I have not utilized this option very well. Once a year is not how I visualized I would use WordPress, but you can see that has become fact.

And now the year 2017 is only months from ending and I find myself in another “life-change”… my husband has retired after working 35+ years in aerospace.¬† I knew retirement for him was an eventuality for him, but maybe I didn’t realize how much it might change me.

I have been used to quiet days, just me and Monroe (our rescue cat). I do not like to have a television on except for evenings. I might listen to music or NPR, but absolutely no TV. We are now into 3 days of retirement, and the TV has been on during all waking hours. I do not want this activity to continue for days on end, so hope he will tire of TV soon.

Projects around the house seem to be the best way to get both of us moving and getting some things finished that were “well-intended” at one time. I remember making lists — not really “Honey Do” Lists, (I hate that term), but a “Take Action” List. We are both old enough to know our limitations, and if we continue to plan relocating in a year or so, we have goals to reach.

My “wants” no longer outweigh my “needs”, guess that comes with age. Downsizing may not be that hard for me, so we will see and I will keep this monologue updated.

Until then …







A Slow “Hello” to 2016

February 3, 2016

My days have certainly changed since I’ve had knee “problems”. I did not know what a torn meniscus was until May 2015, and then I heard it again in December 2015. So slow, I am once I stand up form sitting. Once this second procedure has healed, I will take exercise slow and remember that stretching is a good thing. I don’t want to label these conditions as ‘old age’, I’ll just say ‘parts wearing down a bit’.

There are times when I think about after I have passed from this physical world. These thoughts are not as strange as they used to be. I am at peace with where I am in my life, even though I would love to have more adventures. For the time being, I will live out different adventures through books.

The new year is already sailed into it’s second month. Time can be a fickle beast during different ages in life. I will look back on these passages in the future and consider what was on my mind and (hopefully) how some of those thoughts & feelings have changed.

Waiting for #3..?

   I am sure you all have heard the old saying that goes something like: “Bad news travels in 3’s” or something like that.
   Yesterday, we had no electricity  for about 3 hours. That was the result of a car hitting a power pole.
   Now, today (the following day) our neighbor has ‘tree experts’ cutting down unwanted trees in their front yard. The result of heavy logs hitting the ground snapped our water line. Water was bubbling up from the ground (for about an hour) and flowing down the street. Our water lines are not buried very deep.
   The contractor told me with a short laugh.. “this kind of thing happens all the time.” I do not find comfort in those words. He has identified a broken pipe and says they will fix it; it will take time. Meanwhile, there is no water to the house & i did not get a shower before this incident occurred. 
   What is strange is, i had some kind of “thought/intuition” that i should have a quick breakfast & then get ready for the day; i did not heed those thoughts/feelings. BIG lesson learned!
   Back to my beginning sentence about “3’s”. I do not want to jinx any Karma, but i believe my allotment has been fulfilled for this week. I am concentrating on Good Karma, and, not waiting for the ‘other shoe to drop’.
   BTW, isn’t our language full of interesting old sayings that derive from some incident!

Until next time.. pm

Two Years Ago from Now…

Some say “best intentions”, while others might say “over zealous”; but here I am 2 years later. I intended to begin this blog and continue writing;  if for nothing else, but to clear my mind. During those past years, I began working as an independent contractor and gotten used to the change in home-life.

I was not sure if using the term “empty nest” was positive or negative. I have discovered,  the “empty nest” is what YOU make of it. I could be the interfering mother who pines away for her child,  but why not let go? Just like when I left home,  it is my child’s turn to find his way into the world (and life) that will be his, not mine.

I have delighted in hearing those questions that show me his way of thinking has expanded, and he better understands he is responsible for his own actions. I can see where some of our discussions in the past have made an impression on how he makes decisions.  Rearing an only child can be daunting — we only get this one opportunity to prepare this person for the world he will face.

Until next time..

Meal Time

My husband and I watched quietly as the family scene enfolded.  It was meal time and the parent was busy with two chatting youngsters.  The parent was busy finding exactly what one youngster would like and come back to appease its appetite.  Silence ensued for just a brief time, and the hunger was announced again. We noticed that the other youngster had quieted down and was patiently waiting for the parent to bring sustenance to them.  It did not seem fair that the boisterous youngster seemed to be getting more attention, but we could do nothing about it.  The parent continued back and forth feeding both youngsters, and soon both seemed to be satisfied.

We enjoyed watching the Cardinal bird family in our backyard. ¬†It was the male Cardinal flying back and forth from the feeders to the trees where the young ones perched. ¬†Our bird feeders are helping another generation of this species, and we’ve noticed there are more “children” this year. ¬†We hear the “chip, chip, chip” as the family approaches¬†our backyard every morning and dusk. ¬†When we see the “flash of red” traveling from the feeder to the trees, we know it’s meal time again.

Time to embark on a new adventure!

I don’t see this as a cloudy day, I see the white clouds parting to offer a brilliant blue sky!

Today I embark on a new adventure, and that begins with something I like to do… writing! ¬†I have concentrated on raising my son and volunteering in our community, but now I feel it is time to begin doing something I want to do. ¬†The move to college for my son is coming soon, and I know my life will be changing.

Some people have asked, “What are you going to do when your son is off to college? ¬†Are you sure you don’t want to volunteer anymore?” ¬†Maybe they believe I have not considered my options once my “Mom” duties from birth to pre-college; but they would be wrong.

I feel this blog should be considered the breakthrough of the first layer of the chrysalis – and what emerges is totally up to me! ¬†I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you will come along as this new adventure begins.

– p